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Bear-strong and lowered

An authentic Barry-White-Show at the Pavillon

A Barry White Show without Barry White? How is that supposed to work? This is what soul fans must have been wondering when they first discovered the poster with a person not unlike Barry White. „Barry White Show – A Tribute To The Maestro with Sire and the Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra“, it said. So it’s a cover band. Thousands of them are out there, trying to emulate their idols as authentically as possible at scoring sprees and district festivities every weekend, be it AC/DC or Westernhagen. It can be done, but with Barry White it gets tricky. First of all, you have to find somebody who can sing like the must buzzing soul baritone voice of all times. Secondly, you have to put together an orchestra that can conserve the symphonic soul of the legendary Love Unlimited Orchestra with the same glamour, glory and, on top of that, funk. Despite all the doubt, the Pavillon is filled well (seated audience!). The audience, mostly female passed 50, is excited. 


When the incredibly emphatic, growing string intro of the instrumental hit „Love Theme“ from the year 1973 starts, even White experts wonder: Is that coming from the record? No, on stage there really is a string quartet that knows exactly what this intro must sound like. And leads over to the rest of the band that consists of another 14 musicians. Indeed: The interplay of the horns, the two guitarists, the pushing pulse of the rhythm section – that is suspiciously close to the original sound. And wins the grace of the pessimists that expect a lukewarm infusion of the disco epoch. 


And then a deep, very, very, very deep voice sounds from the off: „Ohhhhh, baby.“ With galant steps he sashays onto the stage: Sire, the best Barry White clone of the world. Sings like Barry White. And also looks just like him. A bear of a man. Round belly, loosely fitting satin suit, ponytail, cheek beard. And this the ladies' world ecstasizing smile. What could go wrong anymore? The audience is electrified from the first second. Hit follows hit: "You’re The First, the Last, My Everything", "Ecstasy", "Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe", "Playing Your Game, Babe" and for the encore, of course, "Let the Music Play". Every time it gets faster, that is: disco fox compatible, (almost) the entire auditorium is on their feet


The Pleasure Unlimited Orchestra, lead by the [...] US drummer James Simpson, plays the soundtrack to the blow-dried wave and bell-bottom dominated youth of the target group. For two hours, it takes them into a world where only love matters. He liked the idea of babies being made to his music, Barry White once said. Here it shows: He didn’t have this thought without reason. 


Source: Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung | No. 255

Date: Monday, 2nd of November 2015

Author: Bernd Schwope




“A Barry White Show beyond comparison!”
Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

“The concert is a tribute to the Love Machine; an evening of love songs and

dance pieces that are reminiscent of old times and bring hope for the future.”
Virtual Nights

“Soul, strings and the promise of eternal love – it even stopped raining.”
Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

“Tribute to Barry White can’t be better than this.”

“The greatest hits of Barry White performed with wonderful precision,

passion and enormous respect for the originals.“ 
Il Manifesto

“Prepare yourselves for a night full of love.

This concert is like a date of your dreams.“ 
Die Zeit

“This show is an ideal event for all those in love.

No other concert will immerse you in such great amounts of love and passion.

Barry’s music is like an aphrodisiac!“

“An unforgettable evening; the greatest hits of Barry White,

excellent music, perfect performance, mesmerized audience.“

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