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James Simpson's Gospel Classics

This classic gospel group under the musical leadership of James Simpson is deeply rooted in the African-American church. The gospel has been put into the cradle of all seven members: they play at least one instrument and sing, so that a diverse program is guaranteed. Two of the singers leave their Texan congregation every year to go on this European mission. They want to sing for the Lord and bring Christ a little closer to the people. They sing about temptations they have to face and the obstacles they have overcome. The simple personal expressions of faith in song and the spirited performance will leave you with an impression of how our American sisters and brothers are able to express their faith.

Gospel Classics invite us on a journey through the history of gospel with traditional and contemporary, known and unknown pieces. The songs are delivered with glowing enthusiasm, powerful voices and spiritual inspiration, which will be conveyed to the audience. They are addressed to God and deliver the good news. Hymns and spirituals are performed in solos, duets or a cappella, but also harmonious choir singing of one or several voices with background music.


In their very own arrangements, the members realize their ideas on the interpretation of traditional songs, giving them their own musical handwriting. Improvisation and creativity is what distinguishes this group in particular. The musical services of African-Americans convey hope and joy in a mixture of sung prayers, praises and even small sermons. Hardly anyone can better transmit the joy about the good news straight from the heart and soul than this authentic gospel group.


The ensemble’s program gets across everything that makes gospel so unique: feeling, faith and pure joy of life. An immediate gospel experience. As gospel music is known to be celebrated in the community, there are many songs inviting you to sing along. “We are putting our entire soul into the music”, the musicians say. You are welcome to convince yourself at a concert where you will certainly feel the spark, sing along, clap your hands and dance.


Let us inspire you!

Musical director James Simpson was raised in the American Baptist church. His grandfather was a reverend in the congregation where his entire family was and still is very musically active. Today, James is not only a singer but also plays the Hammond organ, keyboard and drums. In other formations, he also plays jazz, soul and blues – all musical genres rooted in gospel.












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